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Welcome to The Essential Guide, the place to learn about using essential oils & low tox DIY

Alison Evans - The Essential Guide

Welcome to The Essential Guide, the place to learn about using doTERRA essential oils and making low tox DIY products.

I’m so glad you have stopped by and I do hope you find what you are looking for – as well as lots of what you didn’t know you were looking for!

What now?

  • Check out the DIY & Recipes pages to learn how to make your own low tox essential oil products.
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  • Keep using your oils every day!

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Alison Evans

How do I get doTERRA essential oils?

Confused how it all works?  Don’t know what you’re signing up for?
The purpose of The Essential Guide is to simplify the use of essential oils in your life, and that includes getting these amazing oils in your home for you to use as soon as possible.
Let me guide the way…..