How many drops of essential oils for cooking?

How many drops of essential oils for cooking?

The amount of essential oil you add to your dishes will depend on many different variables:

  • The particular recipe you are making
  • How many servings you make
  • what kind of oil you are using
  • Your personal taste buds

In most cases, it is best to start by using the toothpick method and slowly adding more oil as needed.  Once you have more experience with cooking using essential oils, you can better gauge how much of an oil to add to a recipe, and you won’t have to taste the food each time after adding a toothpick’s worth of oil.

Toothpick Method
Allows you to add the smallest amount of an essential oil.  Use for particularly potent essential oils.  Taste-test before adding more

One Drop
Helpful when cooking large quantities of food.  Works for essential oils with a mild chemistry

Several Drops
Can help preserve flavour when baking or cooking with heat.  Best for large quantities of food, or mild essential oils.  Pour droplets into a spoon, or use a dropper for exact amounts.

In some cases, it is appropriate to add an entire drop (or several drops) of an essential oil, but just remember – once you’ve added an essential oil to a dish, you can’t take it back!  It’s best to use caution and stick with the toothpick method until you feel more comfortable cooking with essential oils.

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